The shampoo lathered well. Smelt pleasant. It left my hair very clean feeling.
-Shana Al Ansari
Shampoo was good. Hair felt clean without that dried stripped out feeling. Great lather and smelt fresh. -Andrea Mergulhao
Basically what I liked about the shampoo, I didn't have to use too much. It was felt nice ... even after 5 days, I'm still getting compliments. -Hebah Alblooshi
Smelled really good. Was lovely to use and didn't leave my hair 'squeaky clean', but did remove product buildup.
-Menatullah Wahby
I absolutely loved the scent. It smelled scrumptious! -Sachini Gamage
I love the conditioner, it detangled and hydrated really well and I didn't completely wash it out so I wouldn't have to use any leave-in. So great- my hair was glossy and shiny but not weighed down -Luanne Dsouza
The conditioner was a nice creamy texture. My hair felt hydrated and was easy to detangle -Andrea Mergulhao
Loved the conditioner. It was great to de tangle and left my hair hydrated.
-Menatullah Wahby
This mask was great, a little went a long way and my hair felt noticeably softer
-Luanne Dsouza
I really liked the mask. It felt very thick so i did not have to use too much which would allow the product to last me longer. -Shana Al Ansari
I absolutely loved the mask - the scent, the texture and the way it helped de-tangle my hair was brilliant. -Sachini Gamage
I loved the mask. My hair felt hydrated and strengthened. -Andrea Mergulhao
The mask made my hair softer and easy to detangle -Doricia Sam
Yaaaaaas , the mask really hydrated .. the fact i have washed my hair on Saturday evening and air dryed it and today is Thursday and I even got a compliment... I'm really stoked -Hebah Alblooshi
It felt really light ... did not weigh down my hair at all. -Hebah Alblooshi
Loved this gel because it didn't dull my hair at all. My curls were bouncy and shiny with great definition. Although, it did leave my hair a little crunchy to begin with, but once I scrunched it when dry, it fixed that straight away.
-Menatullah Wahby
Kozma Curl Product Line
I think the gel, mask and conditioner were fantastic- my hair was more defined and shiny. I think they are better than most products I have tried- my hair feels softer, shinier and looks more defined than usual. LOVE! -Luanne Dsouza
I would say that the range of products are on par with some of the professional curly products I've tried. I do feel that they are specially made for our weather & water conditions . I would definitely recommend this product range for any curly haired people out there. -Sachini Gamage
My hair definitely felt more hydrated. I'd compare these to the JessiCurl products that i've been using of late but the texture, feel of my hair feels better with the Kozma gel. It doesn't have that sticky gel like feeling at all. Almost like a curl cream but with the hold of a gel! -Andrea Mergulhao
Really liked the fact my hair feels light and natural ... didn't feel that I had to use too much to get to the result, and literally 5 days in and my hair feels hydrated and intact, even though I've put it into a bun for a full day Tuesday and half of today ... every night since Saturday I've used my silk wrap, which must have helped keep the curls intact too. Compared to what's on the market , and I've tried what you have at the salon and Cantu Brand .... it's just feels simplified and the fact that it is paraben/ sulphate and silicone free really helped me to love it too -Hebah Alblooshi
I've been using Diva Curl for many years (with a very short stint switching to Ouidad. Staying with it was cost prohibitive.) With Kozma Curl, I found my hair responded very well this time. It feels very thick and well hydrated. The curls are well defined; more so than the curls I've been getting from Diva Curl. I had great results with the Ouidad products, although I didn't use them with your system, so I'm not sure if my hair would be as well hydrated as it feels right now.
-Laurie Langille
I think an all round success. The products work well together, and left my hair feeling hydrated and shiny. I find that I've never used the entire range from a single brand but this works well, and I'd buy the whole range.
-Menatullah Wahby
All of my curly dreams came true, thanks to Kozma Curl. -Nadine Hamad
I love my curls!! Finally, I have embraced them. -Heather McCewen
Wash day just got a whole lot easier... and happier. -Sandra S.
the answer to my curly prayers has been answered. -Clare Millstone
who knew my frizz could turn into such beautiful curls. -Shalini Malay