Kozma Curl Silk Pillow Case

Catch your beauty sleep knowing your natural curly hair is protected with the Kozma Curl Silk Pillow Case. Enjoy frizz-free hair thanks to non-friction 100% silk.

Great for all curl types and straight hair too! Hair gently glides over surface of pillow case, and prevents friction which causes breakage, frizz, knots, static, hair loss and messed up styles.

At Kozma Curl, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful night of sleep. We are on a mission to help you wake up refreshed with fantastic hair with this premium pillowcase! 

100% SILK PROTECTS YOUR HAIR: 30 momme grade 6 Mulberry Genuine Silk helps prevent frizz and damage to your hair caused by friction. Ordinary pillow cases made of cotton or other synthetic materials can wreck your hair due to the abrasive material. Not so with this 100% silk pillow case! Hair gently glides over surface of pillow case which prevents friction which causes breakage, frizz, knots, static, and hair loss. 

HELPS TO PRESERVE YOUR HAIR STYLE OVERNIGHT: Say goodbye to messed up styles. You invested a good amount of time and energy into styling your hair. Help extend the time between wash days. 

GREAT FOR SKIN TOO! Anti-aging material for smoother skin protects against wrinkles and skin creases. Prevents skin moisture loss. Also great to prevent acne because of the breathable germ free material. 

GREAT FIT FOR YOUR PILLOW: Fits most standard size bed pillows.

ZIP CLOSURE: Pillow case features a hidden zip closure for a secure fit. 

FREE GIFT BOX: Comes gift ready! Included with your pillowcase is a beautiful gift box. Makes a luxurious gift for a loved one…or yourself! A surprise poem awaits when you open the lid of the gift box. Magnetic closure on a high quality box.  

COLOR: Creamy white color with pink logo

STAY COOL: Natural organic silk (with no synthetic or imposter satin) helps keep you at a comfortable thermoregulatory temperature while you sleep. 

SIZE: Standard. Fits most standard size bed pillows

Curl Types:
For all curl types.

Made with Love:
100% silk. This material is hypo-allergenic and is free from chemicals and toxins. Comes packaged in a beautiful box.

How to use:
Pull pillow case over cushion, zip shut with hidden zipper. Machine washable on delicate. We suggest using a mesh wash bag. Hand washing is best method. Air dry, no machine dryer. Lay flat to dry or flat line dry.

  • $91.00